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I was quite thrilled to hear that there is a new route that has been added to the existing Red City Tour and Soweto Tour.   The New tour has been named the Green Tour as it showcases a part of the “biggest man-made forest in the world”.

As this was a solo trip I decided to get on the first bus which departs at Rosebank every day at 9:00.

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Zoo Lake

The First Stop on this route is at the Zoo Lake where I hopped off the bus and took a stroll around and enjoyed a bit of bird watching (mainly ducks).  After a short while, I was back on the bus as it headed to the Johannesburg Zoo, I didn’t hop off here as I felt I needed more time to explore.  Instead, I decided to explore the Distong National museum of Military History which is located at Stop 4.  The museum which was opened in 1947 has on display a number of military artefacts gathered from some historical conflicts that South Africa was a part off.

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Pic 4 - A review of the -Citysightseeing Green Route

The Rest of the journey takes you through Killarney, Houghton and the commentary on board presents some history of these areas.

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The Next stop on the route is the Constitution Hill, a place which also has a lot of history as it once stood as a prison for some of South Africa’s Activists like Albertina Sisulu.  At the Constitution Hill is where the Green Route ends and you have the option to go back to finish the Green Route which takes you back to Rosebank or hop on the Red City Route bus.

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I noticed that the Route has slightly changed and this since I have done this trip already I hopped off only at the Carlton Centre which is still the tallest building in Africa since its inception in 1973.
DSC 0418 - A review of the -Citysightseeing Green Route

From Carlton Centre the bus continues to drive through James Hall Transport Museum, and onto the Apartheid Museum, this a great place to hop off if you want to learn more about South Africa, I didn’t get off here but I saw that a number of the passengers did hop off and quite a few also hopped back on the bus.

img 20161214 125921 575x1024 - A review of the -Citysightseeing Green Route

The bus then does a complete cycle of the city going past SAB World of Beer, Newtown Junction, over Nelson Mandela Bridge, and through Braamfontein and back to the Constitution Hill where you can then take the bus back to Rosebank.

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