Oskido’s son is out of self-isolation after returning from Spain

Oskido. (Photo:Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Oskido. (Photo:Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Veteran DJ and music producer Oskido could
not be more relieved. His son, Junero Mdlongwa, is finally out of the 14-day self-isolation
Covid-19 period,  with no sign of the

Junero, who studies and plays football in
Spain, returned home last month as the deadly virus was spreading across the

Europe is one of the most-affected
continents right now.

According to Business
, Spain has most the Covid-19 deaths in
Europe, but the trend is slowing down.

There are currently more than 131 646 confirmed
cases, of which about 34 219 have recovered and the total death toll now stands
at nearly 12 641, in Spain.

Oskido took to Instagram to share how
relieved he is that Junero is now out of self-isolation and is not showing any
signs of the virus.

“On his return home he went into a 14days
self-isolation as per World Health Organization recommendations. Today it’s day
15 and he is healthy [sic],” Oskido wrote.

“Today is day 15 and he is healthy. This
war is real and far from over.”

In the video,
we can hear the proud father asking how his son is feeling, to which Junero responded:,
“I feel very good, Dad, everything is good, no fever, nothing and happy to be
back home.”

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