Tyler Perry tips R400 050 to staff from his favourite restaurant after they lost their jobs

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Movie producer Tyler
Perry recently left a tip of $500 (R9 525) for each of the 42 staff members
from his favourite restaurant in Atlanta, US. The workers were reportedly
struggling to make ends meet after lockdown due to the coronavirus.

TMZ reported that the restaurant was
Tyler’s favourite and he had been going there frequently to buy some food but
it was shut down because of a lockdown in the state. The money he tipped
amounted to R400 050.

Since the workers
were fired, they are waiting to get their money which may be delayed by up to
20 weeks. This follows after many job losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, BET

reported that
this was not a surprise from the TV mogul as he has shown his generosity when
he helped build an 88-year-old woman’s house which was burnt in Atlanta back in
2010. Firefighters collected donation money for the grandmother and her
granddaughter who managed to escape the fire,

CheatSheet also reported Tyler had helped a
struggling American comedian, Cocoa Brown, who wanted to quit the industry.

“I was getting ready to quit, no
lie. I had completed my master’s degree in education and I had become a little
frustrated and disheartened by the business and I began to apply for jobs.”

She got a call that they wanted to
see her for For Better Or Worse, Tyler Perry’s comedy series, and it happened
that she had a gig to do in the same city the audition was and said it all worked out, CheatSheet reported.

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