Boity is the biggest fan of #iGazi, #OPW and #DateMyFamily Sunday TV

Boity is just one of the largest follower of Mzansi Magic prominent Sunday TELEVISION Our Perfect Wedding Celebration, Igazi, and also Day My Household. Crazy 21 tweets for Day My Household, 11 tweets for Our Perfect Wedding Celebration and also 18 tweets for Igazi.

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Boity Tweets Concerning Day My Household

  1. Nazo! #DateMyFamily
  2. Guy is maturing well. #DateMyFamily
  3. Did he state he is much more like pals with his youngsters than he is a papa? #DateMyFamily
  4. I really like today’s episode. #DateMyFamily
  5. There’s this fully grown, sensible facet to tonight’s ep. #DateMyFamily
  6. Everybody beat by “3 child moms”. #DateMyFamily
  7. He has a factor … life occurs, kaloku. #DateMyFamily
  8. Lebitso la pass away maan ke Golden? Kenaga lea dlala. #DateMyFamily
  9. the pals are judgemental AF! #DateMyFamily
  10. This is a great episode, really. Genuine talk. I seem like truth objective of #DateMyFamily is being recognized. Wabona?
  11. Since Golden ke motho o godileng.
  12. I dig Michelle.:-RRB- #DateMyFamily
  13. You can inform he has youngsters incidentally he is connecting with these children. It’s bloody charming! #DateMyFamily
  14. Michelle has actually done a wonderful task with these children.#DateMyFamily
  15. Golden is such a great man. I dig him, man!#DateMyFamily
  16. I like just how he trust funds the youngsters sufficient to have a fully grown discussion with them. Fantastic!#DateMyFamily
  17. What the whole real HECK???!! #DateMyFamily
  18. Hacked for yonks!!#DateMyFamily
  19. Huh?? What she state?#DateMyFamily
  20. Her laugh is transmittable. I’m hectic chuckling currently. #DateMyFamily
  21. Well, they appear to get on extremely well so#DateMyFamily

Boity Tweets Concerning Perfect Wedding Celebration

  1. Hawu, Kimton why a didimala ka ngwana mare obatla go nyala? #OPW
  2. The bride-to-be’s hair, fam! Strong hair objectives. #OPW
  3. The bride-to-be is soooo charming and also tiny! She becomes part of the Itty bitty board.#OPW
  4. The bride-to-be advises me of my bestie, Gala!#OPW
  5. Fatality by that “50 cent’s Lil Little bit” ringtone!#OPW
  6. So kind and also tactful of @Anele to assist relax the bride-to-be. She stated EXACTLY what the bride-to-be desired and also required to listen to. #OPW
  7. Beautiful New Bride. #OPW
  8. The bridesmaids’ gowns are really rather.#OPW
  9. Awuzwe Kabelo!! YAAAAASSSS papa!! Do your thang, bheyps! #OPW
  10. That child resembled “Yeeey! Prematurely” #OPW
  11. Shucks! Consider just how tasty the bride-to-be searches in her 2nd gown. STUNNING!!! #OPW

Boity Tweets Concerning Igazi

  1. Yes, Phumza! #iGazi
  2. Little do they understand … #iGazi
  3. Can Queen Mom please not pass away! #iGazi
  4. Nomarussia ke Moloi wa last number. Moloi wa baloyi! #iGazi
  5. NOOOOOOO GUY!!!!!! Haai haai haai!!!! #iGazi
  6. Nomakhezi is actually dead??? I believed … you understand … that the authors would certainly allow us have some tranquility.#iGazi
  7. So Nomarussia has escaped 2 murders? Awu, ngeke! #iGazi
  8. Phumza looking incredibly top currently.#iGazi
  9. I wish this child will certainly conserve the day!! #iGazi
  10. The most awful point is that, Nomarussia profanes, yet not effective. Her power is S’cotho. She’s generally ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! SMFH!! #iGazi
  11. Jeez, this child made me anxious! Taking a hr to open up that damn door!! Yeses! #iGazi
  12. FML!! #iGazi
  13. People, BEGIN!!!!!! @FERGUSON_FILMS Awu, individuals … why lere sotlha yana?#iGazi
  14. I really hope Phila handled to take images of Noma and also Khonjwayo! #iGazi
  15. Nah, fam … I will not have the ability to see if NomaR eliminates Queen Momz also.#iGazi
  16. The child Phila conserved the day!! Ultimately … something good-ish occurs tonight! #iGazi
  17. Wago loya seaparo legend Queen Momz! Fok! #iGazi
  18. Concerning that “conserved the day” ish … DON’T BOTHER!#iGazi

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