Either confess or let your lawyers handle this, Boity tells Euphonik

Boitumelo Thulo has earned the respect of social media users after calling DJ Euphonik, real name Themba Nkosi, to order.

On Saturday morning, he shared a screen shot of a message purporting to be from his rape accuser. In the message, she apologises for the accusations and asks Euphonik for help.

It reads: “Themba I’m sorry for what I did to you and Dj Fresh. The people who made me do this are turning away from me because the lawyers want to push this further and the truth will come out but it was all a lie and I don’t know what to do because I’m scared I’m going to be arrested. Journalists are calling me everyday. Please forgive me.”

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Euphonik trended on Saturday for sharing the screenshot showing the woman’s number, while others questioned the authenticity of the message.

He then shared another meme laughing at those who were busy questioning the authenticity of the message. This message was later deleted.

But Boity, one of the few celebrities who have voiced their opinion on the allegations, told Euphonik to get off social media and let his lawyers handle the matter.

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“You’re being a vile asshole. This is not a joke!!! You’re being accused of the most violent crime and you’re turning it into a shits and giggles circus! Either confess or let your lawyers handle this. But what you’re doing here on Twitter is disgusting,” he said.

She has been trending since, with her followers commending her for taking a stand.

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