The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour

By far the most memorable thing about the Bo-Kaap is the food. It’s all about aromatic spices, colour, and love in a Malay kitchen. There’s something about the careful folding of samoosas, kneading of buttery dough, and the bubbling of a pot of curry that brings people together. But if you really want to understand Malay food, you’ve got get into the kitchen.

The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour begins at the Bo-Kaap Bazaar, where Zainie Misbach waits. Her arms are folded and her hair is tucked beneath a salmon headscarf. She watches as the group bustles about, eyeing the products and photographing the scene—the colourful houses, the spice racks, the cobbled streets—before gathering everyone together for an introduction and the first stop.

The tour starts next door at the overwhelming Atlas Trading Co. It’s a feast for the eyes: red, orange, yellow, brown ground spices are piled up to the ceilings, alongside bags of rice and flours ranging from wheat to pea. Zainie moves through the store with p..


Cape Town – New York tourism partnership goes live

A city twinning agreement between NYC & Company and Cape Town Tourism signed in August 2017 sees the co-marketing agreement going live in February 2018. The two destination marketing agencies have pooled resources to market each other’s world-class destinations, and Cape Town is set to receive more New Yorkers who will be taking advantage of special airfare offers and more.

Cape Town Tourism is the official tourism marketing agency for the City of Cape Town and a leading industry association comprised of 1400 businesses across the tourism value chain.

Cape Town’s many attractions will appear on 62 bus shelters and over 1000 outdoor LINK kiosks across New York’s five boroughs, introducing US locals to what’s on offer. New York will be marketed to Capetonians via Cape Town Tourism’s mobile Visitor Information Centre that travels to events and hotspots throughout the city, a city centre digital billboard, and in Tsogo Sun’s print and TVC media.

The tourism fraternity continues to promo..


Zoning guidelines for guesthouses and B&Bs

Ensure that your property is zoned correctly as either residential or commercial in order to have your water usage quota increased during the current water crisis.

Guesthouses and B&Bs utilizing more than 40% of the property for business purposes should be zoned as commercial properties.
These cases will be forwarded to the Valuation Department for the re-zoning of these properties.
These properties will still have to apply for a water quota increase until the zoning is changed on the system.
As soon as the zoning is changed on the system, service rates will be amended to be in line with the Property Rates tariff.
These properties will then be zoned as commercial properties and the water meter should be set on full flow.

To have your property rezoned, please contact your local council.


The Labia Theatre, Cape Town

The Labia Theatre is one of Cape Town’s favourite lesser-known attractions. The locals, of course, know it very well. It’s one of Cape Town’s favourite things to do, especially on nights when there’s a dinner special running.

It’s the oldest independent cinema in South Africa. The building was originally an Italian Embassy ballroom, and it was opened by opened by Princess Labia (that’s Lah-bee-yah) in 1949. Back then it was used for live theatre, but rumour has it that private projected film screenings started happening here as early as the 1970s.

Since 1974, it has been playing host to film festivals and art-house films. It screens mostly artsy, alternative, and foreign films in a relaxed non-commercial setting, although the occasional box office hit makes it onto the line-up. When you see a film here, it comes along with traditional ticket stubs, popcorn in a bag, and even a bar where you can buy a drink to enjoy while watching a film, adding to the charm of this lovely little thea..


Your Sea Point Cheat Sheet

Sea Point is the prime place to be if you’re looking to truly experience staying in a cosmopolitan city by the sea. It’s close to the City Bowl, Clifton Beach, and Camp’s Bay, and it’s also home to the city’s most bustling restaurant scene. Seriously, you can’t walk a few metres without encountering a bistro, deli, or restaurant.

Beach Road offers the classic beachfront experience while Main Road and Regent Road are at the heart of the Sea Point foodie district. Here are a few places you have to visit when you head this way.

Mykonos Taverna
This little Greek family gem has been in the same spot for thirty years. You feel the sense of history in the comfortable ambience of the place. Expect traditional Mediterranean food, and be sure to try their signature dish, a lamb shank slow roasted in a lemon sauce.


3 Wise Monkeys
The ramen revolution has taken Cape Town by storm over the past couple of years and there are now a few places where you can get good t..


President Hotel to go off the water grid

As Capetonians are required to use less than 50 litres per day, residents and businesses are finding alternative ways to stock up. The President Hotel in Cape Town, meanwhile, has made saving water a top priority to ensure it functions optimally during the water crisis and beyond, while also reducing their carbon footprint significantly.

Jeremy Clayton, of Turnkey Hospitality, shares that the President Hotel has independently contracted the installation of a borehole, which is expected to commence in February 2018. While this move is a step in the right direction, they will continue to implement sustainable water-saving techniques to reduce consumption.

“As a whole, the hotel is looking at ways of completely removing ourselves from the grid (water and electricity) as part of our 5 year plan, while also reducing impact on the city’s overall water supply,” states Clayton.

The hotel assures guests that cleanliness, safety, and overall holiday experience will not be jeopardised during t..


Hotel Verde pioneers water saving

Africa’s greenest hotel has led the way with innovative water saving initiatives since it was built in 2013.


The hotel was built in 2013 with the following active technologies to save water:

Rain water and subsoil drainage harvesting
Infrared sensor activated taps
Grey water recycling system

The grey water from showers as well as the condensate from most air-conditioners are drained to the PONTOS grey water recycling plant where is it filtered and sterilised. The water is first filtered to remove macro particles and then passed through a series of tanks that are aerated for optimal conditions for bacteria that break down organic matter in the water. Lastly, water is sterilised by passing it over ultraviolet lights.

The resulting colourless and odourless processed grey water is then reticulated throughout the hotel and used for flushing of the toilets saving up to 6000 litres of drinking water per day.

The rainwater from approximately one third of the roof is captured and ..


A winning year for NH The Lord Charles

2017 was a winning year for NH The Lord Charles. After the F&B department’s big win in the Inter-hotel Challenge in August, Head Chef JP de la Motte was named SA’s Best Senior Chef for 2017, beating some of the top chefs in the country to the honour. The Hotel also won a Sanlam Top Destination Award in the 4-Star Accommodation category and World Luxury Hotel Award for the Best Luxury Banquet/Event Hotel in the country.

This year, NH The Lord Charles will focus on creating an even better guest experience, with even more amazing food, warmer service and better events. They also plan on saving more water and electricity and being more involved in charitable projects, amongst many other things.


New runway for Cape Town International Airport gets green light

Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) has announced that the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) granted final approval for the building of the airport’s new, realigned, runway. This followed the conclusion of the DEA’s appeals process regarding the project. This is a R3.8-billion programme, which will allow the airport to operate aircraft with wingspans of 65 m or more, such as the Airbus A380 Superjumbo.

“The [CTIA] team has worked long and hard to get us to this point,” highlighted CTIA senior manager corporate affairs Deidre Davids. “We have gone out of our way to engage interested and affected parties and today we celebrate. We remain committed to being a responsible developer upholding all environmental and other requirements. Part of being a responsible developer is to be most mindful of the current water situation [crisis in Cape Town] when we construct.”

“This project is about growth, not only for the airport and the network of Airports Company South Africa airports, ..


Your complete guide to wine-tasting in Cape Town

Wine tasting is one of the best ways to spend a day in Cape Town. Combine the delicious wines with some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, century old architecture, and awe-inspiring food, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of Cape Town’s most beloved activities for visitors and locals alike.

Wine estates are a dime a dozen, so it can be hard to know where to start. Take a look at our guide to wine-tasting in Cape Town and get ready to enjoy the finest wines of the region!

The Constantia Wine Route
The Constantia Wine Route is no more than 20 minutes away from the city. The magnificent landscape is home to some of the country’s oldest and most prestigious wine farms dating back to the 1650s. The wines of the Constantia Vineyards are largely cool climate offerings, so look out for world class sauvignon blancs, delightful reds and the famous Constantia dessert wine.

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The Stellenbosch Wine Route
Boasting nearly 200 wine and grape pro..